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We've got the know-how to repair your residential, private, and camp roads and driveways

The hardworking crew of professionals at fixmygravelroad.com will do what it takes to get your job done right the first time, without breaking your bank. When it comes to your landscaping or driveway and road needs, we do it all!


We offer a variety of landscaping services:

Grading land and laser leveling building sites, ball diamonds, and parking lots
Drilling foundation holes for patio decks, fence posts, and pole barns
Trail building and maintenance
Finish grading and soil prep for planting grass or food plots
Soil prep for equine exercise areas
Stump removal


We provide four levels of service to meet all of your needs:

Level 1: Restoring the road surface

We grade to fill in potholes and restore proper water drainage by working with the materials you have on site. This is a very low-cost approach to repair an immediate problem by flattening potholes and creating ditches to give water a place to so it does not pool on the driveway or road. However, this may only last one season as, depending on rainfall and road usage, potholes may re-form.

Level 2: Enhancing the road surface for seasonal use

We raise the elevation of the road to establish a crown for proper drainage and top it with limestone to provide a hard, smooth surface that should last for years with annual light maintenance. It makes snow plowing a breeze after the ground freezes, avoiding the spring thaw mess of ruts and potholes. Though it’s more expensive up front, this really is the best method if you’re a permanent resident who plans to retain the property for longer than 3 years, or if you’re a seasonal resident who want to access the property year-round because you end up saving damage to your vehicles, and your road, in the long term.

Level 3: Building a driveway or road

If you’ve just purchased land and want to build a driveway to provide access to your building site, contact us for a free estimate.

Level 4: Annual maintenance

All gravel or dirt roads should be maintained annually. For dirt or gravel/sand mix roads, we recommend twice annually in the fall and spring for permanent residents, annually in the spring for seasonal residents. For a limestone-based surface, you only need light annual maintenance in the spring.

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Need Post Hole Drilling for new decks, pole barns or fences

Need Post Hole Drilling for new decks, pole barns or fences

December 25, 2020

You can use a spade hand shovel, rent a manual post hole digger or a hand-held gas-powered auger. Use of these devices is labor intensive and limit the size of the hole that can be dug. If you want to avoid all that manual labor call us at (906) 341-4480 for all your post hole … Read More

What is the cost for a new or gravel road repair?

What is the cost for a new or gravel road repair?

December 16, 2020

How much does a gravel road cost? You can expect to pay to build a new road on vacant land between $4 to $8 per sqft. This cost estimator includes typical costs such as grading, tree stump removal, stabilization fabric or base and finish rock layer. You can expect to pay to repair a driveway … Read More

Tips to consider in building a new gravel driveway

Tips to consider in building a new gravel driveway

December 16, 2020

Building a new driveway or road on vacant land is an exciting first step in creating access to build a cabin or residence. The following are some tips to consider in building a new driveway or road. Check out our new road and repair cost estimator First and foremost, consider the proper configuration for handling moisture … Read More

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Hole Drilling
New Hole Drilling Equipment Now Available

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Our Equipment For Grading, Grooming and Compacting

Foye Road, Thompson, Michigan

Finishing, Grading, Grooming, Potholes
Foye Road, Thompson, Michigan