Serving Alger, Delta, Luce, Marquette and Schoolcraft Counties

We are a family owned business in Manistique Michigan. We are insured and registered with the State of Michigan as a Limited Liability Corporation.

When you’re looking for road repair contractors in Manistique, MI, to repair a driveway, camp road, or gravel surface on your property, give Fix My Gravel Road a call today. Many people aren’t aware that there are companies out there that do this type of repair work and as a result, roads throughout the state and country are going unattended with no one to repair and maintain them over time.

Unfortunately, the problem just gets worse a lot of times because weather takes over and erodes away the gravel and dirt that made these roads beautiful and easily passable at one time. When you need potholes repaired or roads regraded, let us know and we’re happy to help.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly we come out to help and will be extra pleased about the excellent job we do repairing your roads and driveways. Rest assured we are licensed and insured to ensure a job well done the first time for you.