Need Post Hole Drilling for new decks, pole barns or fences

You can use a spade hand shovel, rent a manual post hole digger or a hand-held gas-powered auger. Use of these devices is labor intensive and limit the size of the hole that can be dug. If you want to avoid all that manual labor call us at (906) 341-4480 for all your post hole […]

What is the cost for a new or gravel road repair?

How much does a gravel road cost? You can expect to pay to build a new road on vacant land between $4 to $8 per sqft. This cost estimator includes typical costs such as grading, tree stump removal, stabilization fabric or base and finish rock layer. You can expect to pay to repair a driveway […]

Tips to consider in building a new gravel driveway

Building a new driveway or road on vacant land is an exciting first step in creating access to build a cabin or residence. The following are some tips to consider in building a new driveway or road. Check out our new road and repair cost estimator First and foremost, consider the proper configuration for handling moisture […]

How to Prevent Gravel Loss From Snowplowing

Improper snow plowing will damage your gravel road resulting in gouges or wash boarding.  Both will cause gravel loss by pushing gravel to the sides of the road. There are two steps you or your snowplowing contractor can perform; Do not plow until you are sure the ground is frozen or Raise the snow plow […]

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