What should you expect from Fix My Gravel Road?

Our goal is to provide a smooth road surface that after a heavy rain the only place water collects is at the edges of the road. Our methodology to achieve this goal is to recover gravel or dirt from the edges of the road and redistribute where it is needed. In extreme situations we may need to bring additional sand or gravel to correct a situation.

  • A free quote will be given after assessing your situation and discussing with you what your goals are as examples “I just want to get by” or “Fix this once and for all.” Upon completion, we warranty our work for 30 days against erosion, and pooling water not at the edges of the road. Against potholes reappearing, we warranty our work for 15 days.
  • Upon acceptance of the statement of work, we will require a down payment of 50%. The balance is due in full upon completion of the work. A date by which the work is to be completed will be selected: for gravel roads we work rain or shine; dirt road work is weather dependent.