This photo is an example of a road with no crown. Note the standing water in the center of the road bed

Ever drive across a gravel or dirt road with potholes so bad your head hits the roof? How many times have you filled in a pothole only to have it reappear days later? These are symptoms of poor water drainage caused by a rain or snowmelt.

What’s a person to do?

First and foremost, the center of the gravel road needs to be higher than the side of the road. This is accomplished by adding gravel to the center of the road or digging a ditch on the sides of the road.

A crown can be created by sloping the road from the center to the edges approximately 3 degrees or ¼ inch per foot. Two ways to do this:

  • Raise the center of the road by adding material or
  • Creating a ditch on each side of the road.

In order to create the “crown” the road surface needs to be broken up to the depth of the deepest pothole. Then the loose material can then be graded to fill potholes and crown the road.  This process has the potential to unearth rocks that lie just below the road surface and this is normal. Our finishing/smoothing process is to move these rocks to the edges of the road or driveway.

After re-establishing the crown without adding gravel. Note no standing water in the center of the road.

I have a dirt two track, what can I do?

The process is nearly identical as the gravel road repair.

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