As with many other purchases, you shouldn’t decide on your gravel purchase based on price alone.

Ever shop gravel costs with different trucking companies and selected the lowest cost thinking you were saving money? There are at least three variables that dictate cost:

  • The binder used (a Sand binder is cheaper than Stone Dust)
  • The distance from the quarry to your delivery location
  • Does the trucking charge by the Ton or by the Yard?

You should always purchase by the “Yard”!

Chances are the gravel is stored outdoors in the quarry or depot and subject to the elements. As a result it is very likely the gravel is soaked with moisture or wet from rain. (Note: water weighs 8 pounds per gallon). Subsequently when you buy by weight (‘by the ton’) you are not only paying for the gravel, but the water as well. The result is less gravel being delivered to your project.

When purchasing by the yard you get a measured amount of gravel, so you get exactly what you paid for regardless of the water content. This is the equivalent of using a measuring cup in the kitchen for your favorite recipe.

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