A homeowner wanted to eliminate the mud, ruts and pooling water that occurred after rain storms.  Part of the problem was that the wrong gravel was used in creating the driveway. In this situation, the proper gravel to use is a binder with limestone vs sand and clay.

With heavy rains the previous night, Friday was a perfect day to rejuvenate this worn out private driveway. The work included a circle driveway in front of the home, changing the grade in front of a detached garage to stop water entering into it.  All that, along with a 1,756 long private drive leading out to the County Highway.

Private Road Repair - West Branch Lake, Wetmore, Michigan

Private Road Before

With a majority of the driveway and private road at a lower grade than the sides of the road, the solution was to raise all the surfaces by applying limestone gravel mixed with a limestone binder to make a very hard surface

Maintenance of Gravel Roads

Private Road Almost Done

It took a dedicated Fix My Gravel Road team to grade, groom and compact 13 truckloads of crushed limestone gravel!

13 Truck Loads of Gravel

13 Truck Loads of Gravel

Garage Area Before Work - West Branch Lake, Wetmore, Michigan

Garage Area Before
Garage Area After Work in West Branch Lake, Wetmore, Michigan
Garage Area After

Repairing Private Road

Private Road After

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