Foye Road, Thompson, Michigan

The Foye Road project was an interesting job from start to finish, and the results were astounding. See for yourself! This project was a private camp road that extended 8 miles servicing about 12 homes passing thru 4 different property owners land.  One home owner contacted us to repair his 1/2 mile section of the … Read More

2017 Projects

Wiggins Point Trail, Thompson (2 miles Private Road) White Caps Trail, Thompson (1.4 miles Private Road) Barque Point Trail, Thompson (1.3 mile Private Road) N Sunset Beach Road, Manistique (Driveway) Sunset Beach Road to Danielson, Manistique (Private Road) 4th Street Between Sunset Beach Road & Danielson, Manistique (Private Road) Sunset Beach between 3rd and 4th Street, … Read More