Our Equipment For Grading, Grooming and Compacting

Take a look at some of our amazing equipment for grading, grooming, and compacting. CAT 259D Skid Loader used for Driveway grading and Compacting Roads and Driveways Kubota M6060 Tractor Floating Blade with Scarifiers for finish grading and road maintenance 6 – Way grading blade used for establishing the road crown and road leveling

Foye Road, Thompson, Michigan

The Foye Road project was an interesting job from start to finish, and the results were astounding. See for yourself! This project was a private camp road that extended 8 miles servicing about 12 homes passing thru 4 different property owners land.  One home owner contacted us to repair his 1/2 mile section of the … Read More

2017 Projects

Wiggins Point Trail, Thompson (2 miles Private Road) White Caps Trail, Thompson (1.4 miles Private Road) Barque Point Trail, Thompson (1.3 mile Private Road) N Sunset Beach Road, Manistique (Driveway) Sunset Beach Road to Danielson, Manistique (Private Road) 4th Street Between Sunset Beach Road & Danielson, Manistique (Private Road) Sunset Beach between 3rd and 4th Street, … Read More