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The Secret Sauce – Gravel Road Repair

Our 4 Step repair process to gravel road repair has proven to be the most effective process vs. just topping off the road with new gravel or grading with a blade

Winter weather, snowplowing, spring thaws and summer rain all combine with automobile traffic and takes a toll on gravel roads. The common theme is that water coming out of the ground as frost or summer rains wreaks havoc on gravel roads.

We have developed a time proven technique that incorporates 4 steps to get your road or driveway back in shape,…

The first step is to break the surface and potholes up. Just filling in potholes with gravel is like cooking with a teflon fry pan, the food will not stick and neither will the gravel due to the compacted material in the pothole. Not breaking up the pothole and filling it with just gravel will cause the problem to reoccur in one to two weeks depending on traffic. The only way one can permanently eliminate a pothole is to dig it up completely and fill with gravel and is compacted in layers.

The second step is to establish a crown in the road or driveway. A crown in the road is necessary for water to properly drain to the side of the road or driveway usually at a 3 – 4 degree angle slope on both sides of the centerline. Standing water that pools on the road is a recipe for potholes to occur.  If the road is below grade at the side of the road, create a ditch along side of the road to facilitate water drainage. In a worst case scenarios  the only way to fix the drainage problem is to increase the height of the road by adding new gravel

The third step is to put the finished grade on the road or driveway  and to compact with a Vibratory Compactor.  the road and potholes with 7,000 pounds of pressure. You may see divit’s where the pothole(s) were so repeat the grading/compacting process until the surface is flat and no divit’s are visible.

CAT 7,000 pound Vibratory Compactor

Photo: CAT 7,000 pound Vibratory Compactor

The 4th Step is to perform the final grading to correct any remaining unevenness.

On occasion a homeowner just wants to add gravel to increase the curb appeal or if the road or driveway surface is below grade we will apply gravel with a limestone binder.