Pam – Bon-I-Quay Lane, Curtis

Dave, just wanted to say you exceeded my expectations. Your professionalism, courtesy and kindness was greatly appreciated. I loved the results and will recommend your company to everyone.

Dan & Paula Murphy – Wiggins Point Trail, Thompson

“When we purchased our home it was on a gravel road that was in terrible condition with many potholes and graded poorly. We actually experienced some damage to our vehicle tires due to poor condition of the road. Dave not only fixed the potholes but the road is so smooth now and has lasted perfectly through the harsh winter season. We really were impressed with his knowledge of gravel road repair, attention to details and the quality equipment he uses. We are very thankful.”

Dan & Char Crosby – Whitecaps Trail, Thompson

“For 15 years I have maintained a narrow gravel road with a 7 foot blade on the back of my tractor. Over the years it has been necessary to add lots of gravel but rough patches and potholes still developed. Dave Grabski of Fix My Gravel Road greatly improved the situation. Dave has the skill an the equipment that effectively smooths and levels the road. He is able to finish the surface with various grades that allows for good drainage and the prevention of potholes. The result is an improved road that requires little maintenance”.

David Hewitt – Sunset Beach Road, Manistique

“Our road was constantly full of potholes.  We would fill them in only to have them reappear a few days later.  Dave was able to remove them with his specialized equipment.  He also graded and sloped the road for drainage to prevent the potholes from returning.  The road is now in the best shape in years, and I am confident that it will remain that way for some time to come”.

Tom White – Barque Point Trail, Thompson

“Dave has the right size equipment to do the job on a private gravel road — big enough to grade the road properly, but not so huge as to be obtrusive. Barque Point Trail is much more drivable than it has been in the past.”

Lorraine & Robert  Schultz – E Gulliver Lake Road, Gulliver

“From Mud to a real good roadway. Thank you Dave, we are pleased to have done business with you.”


E Gulliver Lake Road, Gulliver Before Work


Dirt Road E Gulliver Lake Road, Gulliver